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Today businesses and individuals face a constantly changing environment for income tax reporting at the federal, state and local levels. The professionals at Donald R. Leo & Company stay up to date on the latest developments and analyze how these changes impact our clients. Our professionals help guide our clients through today’s ever-changing rules to ensure compliance with applicable reporting requirements.

Donald R. Leo & Company represents high net worth individuals with interests in real estate industries as well as in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, medical, legal and construction. Our professionals’ experience and knowledge makes navigating the maze of income tax compliance rules easy for our clientele.

litigation support

Donald R. Leo & Company frequently provides business services to legal counsel in situations where litigation or the prospect of litigation is involved. We understand the litigation process and offer quality expert consulting services to attorneys involved in various advocacy situations which require dedication, responsiveness and reliability. Our services include technical expertise in accounting, finance, business methods and taxation, including financial and tax fraud, which allows us to communicate with attorneys. These services are conducted in the capacity of trial and non-trial experts.

Our experience encompasses the total litigation process, from initial pre-complaint discussions or initial defense planning through mediation, arbitration and trial if required. We have strong business, accounting and tax backgrounds. We understand the litigation process and the critical role advocacy plays when appropriate.

business strategy

Donald R. Leo & Company works with clients’ top management professionals to analyze relevant aspects of their businesses. Our professionals work with businesses to put in place strategies and goals. We work with clients to continue to monitor and to update the strategy as the businesses’ objectives or environment change.

The skilled team of professionals at Donald R. Leo & Company uses their business knowledge and background combined with a process customized to each business to tailor a strategy for success.

Tax consultation

Our professionals at are highly skilled and experienced and strive to provide our clients the utmost level of service by learning about and understanding our clients’ businesses and personal financial goals. We offer a broad range of tax consultation services including tax and estate planning, cross border structuring and planning and analysis of investment or business opportunities. We work with clients’ legal counsel on structuring waterfalls and tax provisions included in operating agreements, and much more.

The services provided by Donald R. Leo & Company go far and above that of many firms in our profession. Our professionals pride themselves in their level of knowledge and ability and always going the extra mile to meet our clients’ needs.

tax controversy

No one wants ever wants to be faced with an income tax audit or collection situation, but when it happens Donald R. Leo & Company is well equipped to handle these matters. Often clients are referred by legal counsel to our firm to handle large audit and collection matters resulting from tax returns prepared by other tax advisors. We have the experience, skill and knowledge to represent clients and achieve successful resolutions.

Our professionals have handled large IRS collection matters in the tens of millions of dollars, successfully negotiating resolution on behalf of our clients. Additionally we are experienced in working with the IRS to resolve complex audit matters which often times span a period of many years, including those that have not been able to be resolved by other firms. Our professionals are well versed in tax controversy matters and will work diligently to resolve your case.

Business Transaction Consulting

When a business is faced with a transaction such as acquiring or selling their business Donald R. Leo & Company is here to help. Our professionals can assist with evaluating a business a client is interested in acquiring or starting as well as how to structure that business entity. When a client is considering selling a business or significant asset we assist in evaluating and structuring the sale.

Donald R. Leo & Company works side by side with our clients and their professional team striving to structure the most favorable outcome in any business transaction. Our team offers a superior level of experience and advice not found at many firms and works diligently to advocate for our clients in their business transactions.

white collar criminal tax cases

Donald R. Leo & Company has been called upon to provide services to legal counsel in matters involving white collar criminal tax cases. We are well versed in white collar criminal matters and offer accounting, tax and fraud analysis in support of legal counsel. Our professionals partner with legal counsel to analyze and prepare a customized strategy as well as to meet and negotiate with the Government.

Our experience spans from white collar criminal investigations, plea agreements and trial. Donald R. Leo & Company has a strong accounting, business and tax background. We understand the white collar criminal case process and the critical service required to support legal counsel.